Certified Recruitment Professional

This course would be an excellent professional preparation for any aspiring or, working executive who wants to equip him/herself with a very important and critical skill-set in today’s turbulent human resource field.  The idea is to equip a person:

  • to acquire an extra skill edge over friends who do not have the exposure
  • to have better employability
  • to attract higher salary
  • to possess a certified skill-set
  • to have a wider scope for choosing the kind of organisation that he would want to work for
  • to make a good head-start as a recruitment professional?
  • to reduce his/her recruitment cycle time
  • to increase his/her recruitment success rate


  • Introduction To Recruitment Industry
  • Sources Of Recruitment
  • Search For Right Profiles
  • Methods Of Recruitment
  • What Recruitment Industry Looks For In Recruiter
  • Role Of Recruiter
  • Job Description & Job Specification
  • Selection & Selection Criteria
  • Interview Techniques / Checklist
  • Offline & Online Methods
  • Art Of Headhunting
  • How to influence potential hires?
  • Use of IT Tools
  • Client Relationship Management
  • Working Sheet & Master Reporting Format

Certified Training Professional (Trainer the trainer)

The programme will help existing or budding trainers have the skills to make training more effective and efficient.

Programme coverage:

  • Training need analysis: what, who, and how
  • Managing participants of all backgrounds and learning styles
  • Rapport building
  • Presentation skills
  • Facilitation skills
  • Principles of adult learning
  • How to address challenging participants
  • Role of exercises, games, energizers and Ice breakers in training
  • The art of coaching and feedback