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RDI designs, delivers and manages training to individuals and corporate clients in a number of countries. In each training project, we provide a highly tailored and flexible approach to specific project circumstances. As sustainability is an important element in any training and development projects, RDI places emphasis on the following aspects:
  • Training Needs Analysis to ensure that training is pitched at the right level.
  • Train the trainers to strengthen client’s organisation and to ensure sustainability.
  • Monitoring and evaluation to ensure that training is having the right impact on the recipients and meeting the identified needs.


  • Creative combination of training & coaching
  • Strong management team
  • Extensive exposure to new technological initiatives in training
  • Strong marketing orientation
  • Dedicated experience project team
  • Front-edge of new developments in management training
  • Entrepreneurial spirit and outlook.


Principles of adult learning would be employed throughout – less of listening and more of seeing & doing:

  • Interactive presentations
  • Episodes and Participative games
  • Simulations/ Role Plays
  • Group discussions
  • Individual assessments & verbal feedbacks
  • Assignments / table activities
  • Audio-visual aids like videos, cassettes & CDs wherever appropriate
  • Self-assessment exercises & Questionnaires

Facilitating Change & Value Inculcation

Values form the foundation for everything that happens in the workplace. Most companies do have core values that they want to be practised throughout the organisation.  But how many organizations act as if they really believe the values/words written on their walls or their websites? Not many. Values are visible through the actions people take, not their talk. Whatever You Value Is What You Live in Your Organization. And that is what organisational culture is all about. So organisations need to clearly articulate its core values, actively promote them so that they become visible in the interactions between employees, customers, and suppliers.  We can help in evangelising and imbibing your core organisational values.

Behavioural Skills It is not the technical knowhow but the behavioural aspects of an individual that block their growth and hamper the organisation’s progress. Often times an individual behaves in a certain manner without realising the impact it has on others. Therefore both realisation and behavioural training are important for the growth of the individual and the organisation.

Some areas that need focus include assertiveness, handling conflicts, creating win-win situations, flexibility and team work. INDUCTION PROGRAMMES


  • The participants have just come out of campus into a corporate world
  • Haven’t had the experience of working in a corporate before
  • Interpersonal skills play a vital role in guiding an employee to successfully achieve his desired goals
  • Coming from campus they might be a bit hesitant to talk to their seniors or might not understand how to approach them
  • Since the Organisation is new, systems & process are getting formed. As a result there might be pockets of role ambiguity, confusion etc. They need to develop empathic questioning skills.
  • The assignment is basically for the designing & delivering series of  training workshops on Interpersonal & Team Behaviour, Work Place Business Etiquette & Personal Effectiveness covering a batch of new employees


  • The participants should understand the basic etiquettes which they should possess to better adapt to the corporate style of working
  • They should learn basic interpersonal skills to present themselves better and develop better relationships with their peers
  • They should not hesitate talking to their seniors and report any issues which might crop up during their job
  • They should be open to their managers to take inputs and learn from them.