Executive Search & Selection

RDI appreciates uniqueness of organizational problems and the need for tailor-made solutions that are in line with the company philosophy and strategies. Our clients include leading multinational companies, India’s largest business groups, professionally managed specialized middle-sector and smaller niche companies.The industries serviced range from Oil & Gas , engineering, consumer, chemical & petro-chemical, FMCG, Health Care  software and information technology, business process out-sourcing & off-shoring, electronics & telecom, financial & banking services, insurance, infra-structure, etc.

RDI offers customized staffing solutions to provide you single-stop answers to all your manpower and human resource needs. The customized solutions are worked out keeping your corporate philosophy and needs in mind.

RDI can also help by out-sourcing your critical routine / confidential functions.

If you are setting up new projects in India or third countries, we can take up the entire responsibility for project recruitment including working out manpower needs in accordance with industry norms and practices, profiling the jobs / positions, advising on compensation structuring (with a compensation survey or without it), advice regarding government regulations on minimum wages, employment conditions, etc. and help with out-sourcing.

Building the team may involve any one or more of the following combinations:

    • Executive Search for CXOs & Board level
    • Resourcing for mid & senior levels

Executive Search for CXOs & Board level

It is a known fact that people at the helm make a huge difference to the fortunes of an Organization. Companies who have strategically structured their top management with well-qualified professionals, have experienced positive changes in Management Practices and improved Performance characterized by improved  Top line, EBIDTAs and other performance parameters . It is thus imperative for organizations globally to  find , select & attract Talent  with correct Leadership competencies suited to the organizational needs . This is one single largest critical  criterion for success of an organization

Executive Search / Head-Hunting is most effective where the organization needs are well understood and the potential  candidate population well  defined and identifiable. Working at the senior management level, we establish clients Business needs , understand the core strengths required based on the present  structure, establish  existing  industry  relationships & perceptions  carefully, study their corporate cultures thoroughly and analyze candidate profiles rigorously to ensure cultural compatibility and a successful match. Our approach to initially invest time and effort in completely understanding the organization’s needs and evolving an agreed candidate-profile is highly appreciated.

We evaluate candidates looking at their personal and professional qualifications, potential for long-term contribution, ability to produce results and fit with the corporate culture. We listen we plan, we do our home work, we investigate and research , we initiate, we respond, we interview, we assess and we evaluate, we offer and explain, we help assimilate. We have a wide network of top level professionals and know where to find leadership talent. We work in a team, with our clients, to overcome challenges and boundaries of technologies, skills, industries and countries.

We are in the Executive Search Consulting business for more than a  decades and have completed hundreds of assignments. We have searched and placed some of the brightest and successful senior professionals in a variety of sensitive and critical business positions. Our record of successful completion of complex and difficult client assignments is exceptionally high and repeat assignments and satisfied clients are the most significant testimony to our effectiveness.

We are fully alive to the fact that to lead companies successfully, executives must deliver their leadership skills within the unique cultural framework of their organizations and that the final yardstick of our performance is the long-term contributions made by the executives we place.

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We have experts tracking businesses and industries across sectors like Oil & Gas, Infrastructure & Construction, Software & IT Solutions, Telecom, Manufacturing and Logistics, Consumer, Food & Retail, Pharmaceutical and Chemical, Banking and Financial Services etc.

Resourcing for mid & senior levels

RDI mission is to help clients become more effective by developing superior management teams and practices. It is a totally client-driven company and believes in providing Executive Search and Human Resource Management services of the highest quality in India and abroad”

Our candidates value the assessment, advise and help given by our experts in guiding them through difficult career options. We constantly meet good candidates to evaluate and assess competence.

RDI maintains an exhaustive Talent Databank of active professionals which is validated and updated regularly to keep it contemporary and relevant. The Talent Databank is built upon a large number of resumes of candidates who value the assessment, advise and help given by our experts in guiding them through difficult career options. We constantly meet good potential candidates to evaluate and assess their competence and suitability against current and future client-requirements.

Based on our understanding of candidate and client profiles, these resumes are categorized and coded in a large cross-section of skills and specialties and stored in a proprietary storage and retrieval system. The resumes received for inclusion in the Talent Databank are screened and codified as per our Rating and Classification system after a short initial discussion with the candidate, wherever feasible.

The Talent Database is divided in over hundred and twenty broad groups, which are further subdivided, based on the specialization, experience, present position and potential. We have a wide network of top level professionals and know where to  look for talent. We work in a team, with our clients, to overcome challenges and boundaries of technologies, skills, industries and countries.

Selection Services

RDI believes in a rigorous and scientific Selection Process. It is a known fact that interviews and past successes are a very inefficient way of gauging talent. Many a times the organization is clear on what kind of Talent do they want to find. Many organizations also undergo competency mapping and competency based approach to define the desired traits in the quest for Talent. However getting to understand what traits , competencies and thought processes that an individual candidate  possesses are difficult to ascertain from interviews and reference checks.

RDI uses various scientific tools like Psychometric assessments etc to give a fair and unbiased view about the potential hires . The marginally additional cost incurred by organizations in scientifically ascertaining individual competencies is more than paid off in cost of wrong hiring which are likely to happen in absence of using such scientific methods.

 Staffing Solutions

We can also help set-up and manage your Personnel / HR Department totally, on an out-sourced basis, ensuring complete compliance with all statutory and other regulations, managing pay-roll, holidays and leave, superannuation and tax payments etc., as the need may be.

The custom staffing solutions are developed to take care of your specific requirements at any time or place.

When there is a need, we even work-out an arrangement for executive-hiring on fixed-tenure contracts so that you can keep your head-count low and avoid long-term commitments.

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