Improved Business Performance

Enhancing Employee Engagement(A CASE STUDY)


LOCATION: Plant 419. One of the Bry Air plants located in Gurgaon, Haryana, India.


Bry-Air, a Pahwa group company established in 1981, in collaboration with M/S. Bry Air Inc USA, is a global solution provider for complete environmental control with a specialization in humidity control, dehumidification, drying, storage, preservation, air and gas purification and plastics auxiliaries.

The company has a strong presence both, in export and domestic markets. Bry-Air (Asia) has its own offices in China, Dubai, South Africa, Thailand and Australia, in addition to network of distributors in various countries. In a significant development, Bry Air Asia has acquired global ownership of Bry Air brand, its trademarks and trade names from Bry Air Inc., USA, and is now responsible for development of market worldwide, with the only exception of North America e.g. USA, Canada and Mexico. As part of this agreement, Bry Air Asia now has a licensee in Brazil.

In the domestic market, company products are sold and serviced through a widespread network all over India, with regional offices and branch offices, controlled from its Head office in New Delhi.

ISSUES BEING FACED BY ORG In the changing economic and industrial scenario, Bry Air needs to gear up accordingly. It’s not that the organisation has any ‘special problem’ or, any ‘major issue’ that needs urgent rectification, the organisation is preparing its people as it is going global more and more. Like many organisations, its working is plagued by

Lack of coordination
Working at last moments
Frequent change in priorities
Unavailability of materials/ needed resources
Overlapping of responsibility
Lack of clear accountability
Lack of common objectives, every body having different priorities
Information unavailable as & when needed


The main objective is to help create high performance culture through enhanced employee engagement in one of the BRY AIR plants.

The intervention is based on the concept is that Employee Engagement is achieved by
Creating teamship, customer/supplier focus & imbibing creativity
Involving all team members in the process of clarifying one’s roles & responsibilities and creating a mechanism for measuring them
Putting in place an ongoing monitoring system.
COVERAGE: All the Managerial Staff, HODs, Supervisors down to workers level were involved in the exercise.

1. Based on the stated organizational Vision, a clear Mission Statement was built: To achieve three-fold growth in (a) desiccant based dehumidification (b) air & gas purification (c) plastic auxiliary products, systems & services by 2010-11
The top management and all executives from all the different functions were involved in building it.
2. Each team comprising of the HOD & supervisors from different functional groups built their own Department Objectives aligned to the Mission Statement of the org.
3. Clarifying Supplier/Customer Expectations: each function clearly write & communicate their expectations from the other departments (suppliers) and get them validated.
4. Roles & Responsibilities clarified involving each manager, supervisor in terms of how their KRAs are linked to their respective Department Objective
5. Finally all these converge and dashboards (for all levels, right from the top manager to the workers) get built for implementing and monitoring continuously.
Created clarity of expectations
Understanding the linkage between one’s work & organisational Vision/Mission
Reduced duplicity of work
Drawing clearer work boundaries
Building in accountability for only that area with which each individual is associated.
Improvement in productivity
Enhanced delivery on time
Brought arrears down
Reduction in scrap