Leadership Development & Coaching

We have gleaned over more than a decade of our behavioural and Leadership Development work into this unique Leadership Development Program. We firmly believe in nurturing and improving leadership abilities of senior and middle management teams of organizations. We combine Competency Framework , Development Centre, one-to-one Coaching and training to further enhance the leadership abilities of already successful professionals . We have found substantive changes in the applied behaviour of people who have undergone this program.To be honest this is not based on any western model of coaching; the RDI approach has evolved out of more than a decade consulting & training works and based on own understanding/ interpretation of organisational dynamics, PMS, individual psychology, REBT (A.Ellis) and of course, common sense.

Leadership Development & Coaching Leadership effectiveness per se determines the growth and development of the organization and the people within.


  • To help deepen self understanding of leaders/ managers in terms of leadership capability
  • To motivate the identified  executives/ managers to set out on a journey to discover their own strengths and uncover their true potential
  • To identify & focus on developing one of two critical leadership qualities
  • To motivate and help them to discover and unleash the potential of their subordinates & other team members


  • First of all, taking every one through a structured assessment process – self, others & psychometric profiling. Reports containing Personality Profiling, Aptitude, Observers’ Remarks, Peer Evaluation, Individual & Group Summary get generated which is followed by a free, frank and confidential feedback session.
  • Then to determine one or two key leadership behaviours from each participant to work on.
  • Training & coaching for improving the agreed critical behaviours.
  • Encouraging and helping each participant to cascade the learning process by designing and delivering a training and coaching programme for their team members.
  •  Another round of assessment after 10-11 months to find out if & how much improvement has happened.

  • Improved Managerial Effectiveness
  • Unity of Direction
  • Emergence of Entrepreneurs
  • Better Superior/Subordinate relationships
  • Increased Organizational Effectiveness

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